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KC, at Bat

The longing and torment of an improbable affair is deftly packed into this novella. Charlie, almost out of the closet, finally befriends KC, a hunky baseball player, when the two are paired up at a moving company. Although their lives are vastly different, a sort of passion unfolds between their casual encounters. Authentic and contemporary, this painfully beautiful story will ring true to anyone who ever fell in love with the perfectly wrong person.
—Jim Provenzano, author of PINS and Everytime I Think of You
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The first release in the novella trilogy including...

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Charlie Beresford would rather be doing anything this summer than hauling furniture for a moving company. Come September, he'll be leaving for college, away from the awkwardness of Augustinian Academy, away from his father'sconstant hints about prospective girlfriends.
Then Kevin Conroy—the Mighty KC--joins the moving crew. A star baseball player bound for the big leagues, Charlie is shocked when cool, confident KC suggests hanging out, especially when KC asks him to stay over--and the happiness their connection brings Charlie.
But the summer is changing Charlie--putting muscles on his skinny frame, compelling him to face hard truths, showing him how it feels not just to lose your heart but to break someone else's. Funny, sweet, and moving, Tom Mendicino's insightful coming-of-age story perfectly evokes that moment when you stop living life from the safety of the bleachers--and finally step up to home plate.

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